Developed for the Scheduling & Forecasting of Power Generation from all sources of Renewable Energy. It is algorithmically calculated and predicted based on live feed datas of SCADA, metereological data and factors taken into account for perfect and balanced power generation.

Determine Wind Speed

Determine Wind Speed Errors in real time based on multiple forecaster outputs. MAPE and MAE used for Wind Speed Error Rate comparison.z

Necessary data for Turbines

Necessary data for Turbines available at the click of a button, for (e.g.) health, wind speed, power generation, brake and grid status.

Performance of Turbines

Performance of Turbines based on MakeModel(individually or Pooled) can be seen against a standard power curve showing the current health and degradation from standard for individual Turbines.

Real time graphical

Real time graphical representation of wind power generation at Pooling Station against the power schedule submitted to SLDC/ Generator, optionally available at Zone and State level.

RE-FS product takes into consideration the CERC’s IEGC
2nd amendment as well as Renewable Regulatory Fund (RRF)
Mechanism for the Scheduling & Forecasting of Power
Generation from all sources of Renewable Energy

''Forecast Analytics, Generation Schedule, Geographic Visualization.''

  • Visualisation of Wind & Solar

    Visualisation of Wind & Solar Pooling Stations through Single Dashboard for PAN India.

  • Easy configuration

    Easy configuration of new Wind Solar Pooling Stations along with static information about Turbine & Inverter.

  • Real Time Monitoring Dashboard

    Real Time Monitoring Dashboard of Data availability along with logging status for different integrated Application Server, Client & Server Websites.

  • Real Time Monitoring

    Real Time Monitoring of Generation along with various factors like Wind speed, GHI, Weather conditions, Cloud cover, Power, Grid connectivity etc.

  • Energy Accounting calculations

    Energy Accounting calculations for Renewable & Non Renewable sources.

  • Performance of Wind  Solar

    Performance of Wind Solar Pooling Station at individual level and Aggregated levels, PLF(%) Act Generation Vs Schedule Deviation, % age Deviation, Standard Deviation, MAPE RMSE.

  • Declared Availability

    Declared Availability, easy configuration of Grid, Feeder, Turbine & Inverter availability as per client intimation.

  • Automated submission

    Automated submission of Day Ahead, Intra Day Schedule to Designated Email id & to a server.

  • Geo visualized forecast

    Geo visualized forecast for next 96 hours for major state of India.

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