Energy Portfolio Management is a fully integrated platform to support the utilities and market operators to assess and decide on critical energy investments and support operations across planning, Forecasting, trading & grid Operating Decisions. Built upon on Next Gen Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Platform, the EPM Solution presently provides Demand / Generation / Price Forecasting and Power Portfolio Optimisation of 55GW across the Indian geography.

Real time Display

Real time Display of Load Forecast against the actual load for One State Utility in India

Input variables

Input variables for the creation of short & Long Term Demand Forecast.

Graphical Display

Graphical Display of Multiple weather inputs in creation of forecast over a period of time. 

Simulation of multiple model

Simulation of multiple model for the intra Day forecast for a State Owned Utility in India


The EPM Platform is a modular Application with Core Modules in:

> Load / Demand Forecasting: Short, Medium & Long time horizon across geography.
> Wind & Solar Supply Forecasting & Scheduling
> Demand Supply Gap analysis with Power replacement strategies
> Price Forecasting
> Data Management of weather parameters, Demographic & Historic Data.
  • Multiple visualization and graphical analysis

    Multiple visualization and graphical analysis
    of data and forecasts

  • Configurable across various time horizons

    Configurable across various time horizons
    (Short & Long Term) and Geography

  • Single Data Model to incorporate

    Single Data Model to incorporate all the variable data

  • Simulated environment

    Simulated environment with multiple model result visualisation

  • User defined tasks & workflows

    User defined tasks & workflows to automatePower replacement & scheduling

  • Multiple prediction accuracy

    Multiple prediction accuracy of forecasting method in a single interface

X50 Hertz