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Bilateral Price Calculator is India's first Web-based software application tool where buyers, sellers and traders of electricity can calculate the landed price of power for inter and intra state transactions.

Volume of Bilateral Transactions(MUs)
Price of Electricity Transacted Through Traders (Rs/kWh)
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Bilateral contract in electricity market is an agreement between a willing buyer and a willing seller to exchange electricity under mutually agreed terms for a specified period of time. Bilateral arrangements are crucial to the functioning of electricity markets, because they allow both parties to have the price stability and certainty necessary to perform long-term planning and to make rational and socially optimal investments.

Salient features of this tool include:

  • Applicable for buying and selling for any duration.
  • Can be applied to any type of power.
  • Can be used to calculate trading charges for any state.
  • Captures all mandatory information for calculation.
  • Basic charge calculation can be viewed online.
  • Can be downloaded either to pdf or to excel format.

The new user is required to register with a valid email-id, a password will be generated and sent to the registered email. The user can access the tool with the registered email id and password. On registering, the user can change to the password of choice. Basic calculation details are made available to the user without any cost. A nominal fee is levied for detailed break up and analysis of the calculation.

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As per provisions in the Electricity Act 2003, Open Access is a non-discriminatory provision made available to buyers/sellers of electricity all round the country to transact power between them using the intra/inter-state transmission and distribution network.

  • Generation, Transmission and Distribution Companies
  • Power Intensive Industries and commercial Establishments
  • Power Trading Companies etc
  • Ease of use
  • Get the price which suits you right
  • Updated information
  • Flexibility of use
  • Transparency
  • Full cost Analysis
  • Get the latest news read more..
For Buyers:

BPLPC gives you step by step guidelines to get the landed price of power depending on the seller's injection point. You just need to fill out the information -
read more..

For Sellers:

BPLPC gives you step by step guidelines to calculate the landed price of power depending on the buyer's drawl point. You just need to fill out the information - read more..